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Come to the Dark Side #StarWarsDay

A new shiba inu Sith Lord is born.. or created, whichever. Darth Delilah is the epitome of a dark hearted Sith; she hates, kills and eats lizards, but manages to disguise herself as a loveable floof… until it is too late.

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In Memory of Denali

We are not going to write some snappy content to describe this video, just watch it and deal with your feels.

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K9s For Warriors Video – Joe & Lilly

Help provide service dogs for veterans when you buy your dog’s flea & tick control products! Bayer is donating $1 for every purchase of K9 Advantix II to K9s for Warriors! Shop Revival Animal Health (our favorite) or anywhere K9 Advantix is sold.


Dirty Dog Plumbing

So I was inspecting your irrigation system for leaks and things went a little sideways on me, but


Shiba Inu does not like to share her toys…

Rocco the Big was just a little puppy in this video and Shiba Inu Delilah was not used

Aussie's, Collies and Cattle dogs

Dog Tricks and Pony Show

Dog Tricks and Pony Show Dog high-jinks are impressive enough without adding other animals to the mix, but


Dog loves the smell of bacon, or any meat for that matter

Our dog Rocco the Big loves the smell of bacon in the morning, but today he got a little too


The most bored dogs in the world…

Recently we built a theater room in our house; hours and hours of movies later our dogs are

All Smiles

Brain Freeze or Pure Bliss?

We have never met a dog that does not like a lick of a tasty frozen treat, but this pup is in heaven. Love that frozen smile pooch.